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American Idol Drabble Prompts - 365 Days Per Year
This fan fiction community for American Idol. Here, you will find daily prompt posts for drabble submission and weekly discussion posts for general questions/squeeing.
1. No drama.
Play nice. We don't care about your personal beefs or what you do in your personal journals -- don't bring the drama here. Contact a moderator if you are offended by an entry or comment in this community. Do not air your butthurt in the posts. Author and pairing hate will not be tolerated. What constitutes a bannable offense is at the discretion of the moderators.

2. Don't steal.
Do not plagiarize, post another author's fan fiction and claim it as your own, or take fan fiction from this community and claim it as your own. You will be banned and reported to the moderators of other fan fiction communities.

3. Use the header posting format.
Title: Title of your fic, drabble, etc. (optional)
Character(s): The people who appear in your fic. (required)
Rating G through NC-17 (required, include any content warnings)

copy & paste form

4. Adhere to the posting guidelines.
  - One drabble per comment. You may write as many drabbles as you like for any given prompt.
  - 500 words or less. If your "drabble" requires more than one comment, it is too long.
  - Include a header with the characters, rating, and any content warnings.
  - Anonymous commenting is available for authors. Anon IP logging is enabled to discourage plagiarism.
  - Certain theme days (e.g. Crossover Fridays) will have additional rules outlined in that day's post.
Music Mondays Song prompts.
Twofer Tuesdays Two regular prompts.
Spotlight Wednesdays Spotlight on a specific contestant/ship. (Schedule.)
Average Thursdays One prompt. No constraints.
Crossover Fridays Fandom crossover prompts.
Lazy Saturdays No specific prompt. Anything goes.
Slander Sundays Crack prompts.

Submit a Prompt
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